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SFUSD Strike. [Oct. 14th, 2005|06:31 pm]
San Francisco City Hall



I'm not really sure if this applies to city hall but Ackerman was chosen but Willie Brown right?

Written by Tiffany P., a sophomore of Lowell High School. Posted on her blog: http://www.xanga.com/sophomoreteepee

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To Lowellites, SFUSD students and Sympathetic Patrons:

   SFUSD has been neglecting the welfare of service workers (i.e. custodians, 'lunch ladies,' secretaries) for over a year now.  The underlying evil of it all may often point at Ms. Arlene Ackerman, but a greater evil, now ruling the entire state of California, still sits back in his office chair and takes money from school funds.  The liar of all liars, the cheater of all cheats, he who once used steroids, the governor who can't pronounce "California" correctly: Arnold Schwarzenegger!

  The loan of millions of dollars has yet to be collected.  School programs fail to accelerate because of the lack of money.  He takes a million dollars to endorse the campaign in which no one, in their right mind, will support while teachers urge and beseech SFUSD to fund new Chinese 5H/6H classes.  The propositions that are opposed by all who use 10% of their brains are clearly endorsed and supported by Mr. Schwarzenegger.

  Californians brought this upon themselves when they opened the elections for governor to almost anyone who had the money.  While I agree that it was wrong to elect him into office, I also think that by dwelling on how we screwed up will not help us, the students, make best of this situation.

  Also, we must not overlook Ackerman's lack of productivity.  Her affirmative action proposal to diffuse students of San Francisco all across the city proved and remains to be a big hassle.  Some students must take 3 hours of transit just to get to school on time, thus forcing them to wake at the ridiculous time of 5 AM.  Her adamant position in her beliefs, though faithful to her identity, almost always stood against the Board of Education.  Perhaps she planned this all along; to waste her time as the Superintendent of SFUSD by proposing pointless reforms that yield absolutely no gains and finally declare that she is always against the board and get her severance check of $375,000. 

  We may never know her twisted ways, but the irreducible question is this: Does she deserve the severance check?  No.  Basic knowledge of kindergarteners would know this.  Karma is the concept of action-reaction.  One who does not yield profit gets no profit.  One who does nothing gets nothing.  The money can be well allocated to fund school programs, rather than her retirement.  Because of the No Child Left Behind Act brought up by our oh-so wonderful President Bush, schools are being forced to shut down if scores do not reach a certain level.  I'm absolutely sure that $375,000 would keep at least 2 of such schools alive if books (Yes, textbooks, not even programs) were purchased for these schools.  For example, freshmen at Mission High School, in regular classes, don't have textbooks because they don't have the money.  Logically speaking, of course most of them will do worse than other students who do have textbooks!  Then, of course the school will be closed in the near future because of the debilitating education!  It makes no sense to give such a large sum of money to her!

  On the www.sfusd.edu site, the theme is "Excellence for all..." and it's a quote from Dr. Arlene Ackerman (Funny how a person with a doctorate automatically gets the label "Dr." even though they're as dumb as a nail).  Well, how the Hell is it excellence for all if all it's excellence rely on money and you're taking such a large amount away!

  I also noticed that, out of desperation, teachers and administrators are "wanted."  In this case, "wanted" is a euphemism for "we have no teachers, but we don't want the kids to know it so will you please work for minimum wage because we have no money?"  It would be a rhetorical question to ask whether SFUSD has a shortage of teachers, however, the reason we have so little teachers is because of money shortage.  If more teachers were to flood in because of "MATH OPPORTUNITIES!" and "SPECIAL EDUCATION OPPORTUNITIES!" the teachers would be working on low wages, causing more conflicts in the union for wanting raises after a certain amount of years.  Furthermore, such teachers may not be qualified as "teachers" because SFUSD would take anyone and everyone with a teaching certificate.

  SFUSD has no money or is unwilling to show it while Arlene Ackerman and our "Governator" takes most of it away.  Demands of wage increases and better health care had been issued since October of 2004.  Is it even possible to satisfy both SFUSD and the union?  Yes, if the SFUSD actually listens to the proposals given by the union.  However, since they have chosen not to do so for the past year, it is time to take a more public stand.

  A strike is underway.  A vote was held last Friday, according to the SEIU 790 site, and an overwhelming percentage of voters supported the idea of a strike -- a record turnout.  It would be redundant to say that service workers, who work so hard to organize the school, are fed up with the negligence but it's true.  Teachers vowed to strike alongside with them, thus suspending almost all academic activities at schools.

  According to recent news: "While a strike will likely not be called before next week, when Local 790's Executive Director Josie Mooney returns to the office from a trip, union spokesman Thomas Dewar said the district should expect a strike soon if there is no change in the present standoff...

[Teachers' union president Dennis] Kelly said he expects the findings of the panel, which consists of representatives from the union, the district and the state, to be presented to both sides next month at the earliest. State law prohibits a union from striking before the panel process is complete, he said.

But union officials have indicated that they are frustrated and impatient with the negotiations and do not see the "fact-finding" process as necessary."

  Should a strike occur, I, like Belle, urge all students to go to school for registry/homeroom.  It gives money to the district, though a small percentage.  Another effective method to end the strike early is to pick up a picket and chant alongside your fellow teachers.

  If students stopped the Vietnam War, we can stop a strike.

  And while a strike may seem to be the best thing in the world, what with the no homework and free time in class, I just want to let you know that if the strike lasts for a month, we lose a month of summer.  If it lasts for a week, one less week of summer.  Just so you know.

-"Dr. Tiffany Pang*"


*- I didn't get a doctorate... yet... but if Arlene Ackerman can have a "Dr." in her name and she f*cked up SFUSD, so can I because even students can run the district better than she can.


Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dr. Arlene Ackerman, and supporters/endorsers of the respective people mentioned, I plead the first.  I have my right to freely express myself.