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San Francisco City Hall

And Its Colorful Inhabitants

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This community is about the happenings in San Francisco at city hall. This could include, but not be limited to: what the mayor is up to, what the board of supervisors are up to, all of the various city commissions, city elections, city-wide ballot measures, city policy -- pretty much anything that transpires within the walls of city hall or that you would like to see transpire at city hall.

One of my main purposes in making this community is that I often turn on public access TV to see a meeting at City Hall about an issue of importance to me, and yet I had no idea that the meeting was going on. So, if there is some public testimony opportunity at City Hall that you feel strongly about it, this is a good place to post it.

sf_cityhall is moderated by androgy8


1.No personal flames or attacks of other posters.

2.If you want to flame or personally attack some person at City Hall, I'm not going to stop you, as long as it expresses opinions and not factually incorrect statements. (OK: Supervisor X is stupid. NOT OK: Supervisor X committed campaign fraud. This isn't okay unless there is some evidence that this occurred.) I don't think it's particularly mature to say that Supervisor X is stupid, but there are no rules against it.

3.Please keep posts at least halfway-relevant to the purpose of the community.

4.NO DEROGATORY COMMENTS about a racial, ethnic, or sexual group. This is the strictest rule. There is a one-warning policy for anyone who breaks this rule, unless statements are particularly egregious, in which case there is automatic expulsion.